Artists and companies in the field of circus and street theatre may now submit proposals to perform at Kaleidoscope Festival on June 24th– 26th, 2022. Submissions will be accepted through 11 May 2022. Awardees will get promotion on Kaleidoscope’s official website and app, and two weekend family camping tickets for each performer to enjoy the festival with their family and guests and a fee. 

Kaleidoscope Festival 

Kaleidoscope is Ireland’s number one music and arts camping festival for families and friends, taking place in Russborough House from June 24th to June 26th, 2022. This weekend will be filled with incredible art installations, thrilling activities and brilliant performances, including music, dance and spoken word. This year, Kaleidoscope is expecting to welcome a total of 25.000 attendees. 

Circus and Street Theatre

Kaleidoscope is looking for an engaging and dynamic circus and street theatre artist/company to perform at, a tented area in the festival that will be filled with performances in circus and magic opened on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday all day. This open call is an opportunity for street art performers interested in working in multidisciplinary arts festivals to be part of their program. 

Application process

Accepting applications from: 15 April 2022

Deadline: 16 May 2022 

Artists are invited to propose the presentation of former performances, or the production of new work. Performances can take place twice during the festival weekend. Inclusion of a participative workshop for children to get hands on and learn circus skills will be advantageous to your application. The final selection of performances will be based on the thematic connection to the festival, artistic quality, potential for participation and potential to create lasting family memories. Selections are made by the Artistic Director and the Programmer. 

Please complete this form to submit your application: 

Notes for applicants: 

Kaleidoscope festival is a multidisciplinary festival for families with children of all ages, please bear this in mind in developing your proposal. It takes place in Russborough House, in Wicklow. If you develop a proposal for a specific location or context, we cannot guarantee its feasibility. We encourage artists to take a flexible approach in this regard to allow for a variety of options developed through discussion with the Director. 

We will confirm receipt of all applications. Selected artists will be notified no later than 24th May 2022. We regret we are not able to give individual feedback regarding unsuccessful applications.


  1. This application process is operated by Fuel Festival company number 467070 whose registered office is 11 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02FW54 (“Our”, “Us” and “We”).
  2. The following are the terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) for applicants to trade at Kaleidoscope Festival. The application process is through (official Kaleidoscope website, the “Website”). These Terms and Conditions of the Website are in addition to the privacy policy (available here privacy policy). which governs how We may use the data We collect from you.
  3. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.  These Terms and Conditions set out who can apply, how to apply and what is required of successful applicants. By submitting an application, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and agree that if you are successful, you will grant to Us the right to use your entry as set out below.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.  When you apply, you are deemed to accept the Terms and Conditions at the date you enter.  Any amendments or cancellations to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Website.
  5. We reserve the right to disqualify your application entry if We have reasonable grounds to believe that you have breached any of these Terms and Conditions.



  1. To trade at the festival, you must:

(a) be able to comply with all the Terms and Conditions; and 

(b) be at least 18 years old.


Application requirements

  1. We shall be entitled to reject any entry which We believe (i) has been copied from elsewhere; (ii) is defamatory, indecent or violates any third party’s rights, is offensive, unlawful, obscene, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, promotes political positions or actions, encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, gives rise to civil liability, violates any law or is otherwise inappropriate, or contains advertisements or solicitations of business;  (iii) includes false or misleading information; or (iv) otherwise breaches these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Unfortunately, We cannot be held responsible for applications which are lost or corrupted or for any applications which We do not receive as a result of any technical error, however caused.  In addition, We cannot accept any liability for any difficulties experienced in submitting an application. Proof of application or submission will not be proof of receipt.   



  • We will review all applications received by Us which comply with these Terms and Conditions and will select, in Our opinion, the most appropriate entries. We will be in touch with the selected applicants to seek any further information that may be required.


Successful applicants

You agree that if you are a successful applicant: 

  1. You consent to Us using your name and/or image in Our publicity for Kaleidoscope Festival and in such promotional materials as We see fit whether now or in the future, anywhere in the world;
  2. You consent to the exploitation by Us (or any third parties We authorise) of your entry in any way We see fit and in any media;
  3. You agree that you will not be entitled to any payment for such use unless agreed by Us in advance in writing; and
  4. You consent to sign such documents as We reasonably request to confirm this.
  5. You consent to install the artwork at the festival at the location decided by the festival Creative Producer and at a time and date discussed and agreed in advance with the Creative Producer
  6. You consent to attend a Health & Safety briefing before initiating any work onsite
  7. You consent to adhere in full to all festival Health & Safety policies
  8. You accept responsibility for transport of the equipment necessary for the trading to and from the site, including any financial responsibility for same
  9. You understand that the responsible vendors must trade in a safe manner. Where Our Health & Safety policies interfere with your vending, you consent to discuss and agree any requirements in advance with the Creative Producer. You understand that site resources are limited and will be scheduled for a variety of uses, and that you will need to be flexible in terms of date and time for use of said resources. Additional resources will not be hired in for a specific vendor; please talk to the Creative Producer for a list of what resources may be made available to the artists and in what circumstances this can be arranged.  
  10. You consent to comply with all directions given by the Health & Safety Officer and/or structural engineer in relation to safety for you, your team, our staff, volunteers and contractors, and the public attending the festival. 
  11. You consent to submit a name for your vendor, together with a short paragraph about the piece, for inclusion on the website and festival programme in a timely manner to the Creative Producer. You consent to the copy submitted being edited as needed by the festival Creative Producer. 
  12. You consent to timely disassembly and removal of the trading equipment from festival site. You consent to schedule this disassembly time with the Creative Producer along with any resources required to safely disassemble. All Health & Safety considerations must be adhered to in full during the disassembly as well as the installation of equipment. We recommend early removal of the equipment post event, in order to reduce the potential for damage being caused to it. Should you wish to discard of any materials upon conclusion of the festival, you must collect it from the festival site and dispose of it appropriately. A waste collection fine will be charged to any artist failing to remove their equipment from the festival site 
  13. You agree to ensure to take all precautions necessary to ensure that your vending/trading will not cause harm to any person attending or working at the festival. 
  14. You acknowledge that you understand that the festival environment is one where damage to equipment is likely to occur and that We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred or value lost resulting from such damage. 

Final decision

  • In all matters Our decision will be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into with you or any other party on your behalf regarding the process or details of such decision. 

Limitation of liability 

  1. We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by you in applying (whether or not such entry is successful) or in relation to you taking part
  2. We will not be responsible for any losses you suffer as a result of Our breach of these Terms and Conditions unless those losses were reasonably foreseeable to both you and Us at the date you apply. 
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, We will not be liable to you, in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence) or otherwise in connection with the application for:
    (a) loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings or loss of data; or   

(b) any loss of goodwill or reputation; or

(c) any special or indirect or consequential losses; however caused.

  1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit Our liability:

(a) for death or personal injury resulting from Our negligence or a    deliberate act or omission of Us or any of Our officers, employees or agents;
(b) for fraudulent misrepresentation; or
(c) to the extent that liability cannot by law be excluded or limited.

  1. We will not be liable for any damages or losses as a result of failure by Us to exhibit the piece as a result of any circumstances outside of Our direct and    reasonable control including, but not limited to, as a result of a server failure (including but not limited to access delays or interruptions, data non-delivery or mis-delivery), any act(s) of God, war or terrorism, breaches of security or unauthorised use of personal data arising from hacking and / or failure or lack of reception of telephone or mobile telephone networks.

Your liability to us and your statutory rights

  1. You agree to fully indemnify Us in respect of all liabilities, damages, claims, actions, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), demands or costs incurred by Us as a result of any breach by You of the Terms and Conditions including but not limited to any breach of clause 5.
  2. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions shall affect any statutory rights which you may be entitled to as a consumer.

Your data

  • Your personal data will be used solely in accordance with the current data protection legislation and in accordance with Our privacy policy (available here, which governs Our use of personal data collected from the Fan Page

Governing law

  • These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Irish Law and any dispute arising from them shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.


  • For all enquiries, comments, feedback or further information please contact .


Vendors, Traders and companies in the fields of food, beverages and consumable goods may now submit proposals to trade at Kaleidoscope Festival on June 24th– 26th, 2022. Submissions will be accepted through 11 May 2022. Awardees will get promotion on Kaleidoscope’s official website and app, and two weekend family camping tickets for each performer to enjoy the festival with their family and guests and a fee. 

Kaleidoscope Festival 

Kaleidoscope is Ireland’s number one music and arts camping festival for families and friends, taking place in Russborough House from June 24th to June 26th, 2022. This weekend will be filled with incredible art installations, thrilling activities and brilliant performances, including music, dance and spoken word. This year, Kaleidoscope is expecting to welcome a total of 25.000 attendees. 

Vendors & Traders

Kaleidoscope is looking for vendors and traders that create and bring delicious foods and beverages, served in a tented area and outdoors, that can bring variety to our family audience from Friday midday, Saturday all day, and Sunday all day. This open call is an opportunity for vendors & traders interested in working in multidisciplinary arts festivals and to be a part of their program. 

Application process

Accepting applications from: 5 May 2022

Deadline: 30 May 2022 

Vendors are invited to propose the presentation of former/current restaurant, truck, café, etc. offerings. The vendors will be trading across the festival weekend

Please complete this form to submit your application: 

Notes for applicants: 

Kaleidoscope festival is a multidisciplinary festival for families with children of all ages, please bear this in mind in developing your proposal. It takes place in Russborough House, in Wicklow. If you develop a proposal for a specific location or context, we cannot guarantee its feasibility. 

We will confirm receipt of all applications. Selected artists will be notified no later than 7th June 2022. We regret we are not able to give individual feedback regarding unsuccessful applications.


Please note that these Terms & Conditions must be signed, and the signed copy attached to your application.

Applications received without signed Terms & Conditions will not be considered.



Application Forms 

The application form must be completed online and all supporting documents, including the below signed terms and conditions should be emailed to with ‘Kaleidoscope Trader Application + Your Business Name’ in the subject line.

Please note that the applications will be processed based upon the information that has been supplied in the application form and the supporting documents. Please ensure that all information provided is accurate. 

Please pay particular attention to the frontage and depth required.

Each field must be completed. Failure to accurately complete any section of the application will cause delays and may render your application null & void. Exact measurements of pitch frontage are required. Financial penalties will be incurred should your vehicle transgress these dimensions.


Prices quoted will be based upon the information that you supply on the application form. 


Applications will either be accepted or declined. Once the application has been processed you will be notified of the result.


Traders at Kaleidoscope Festival will pay a pitch fee in order to trade at Kaleidoscope Festival. 


In signing the terms and conditions, and upon a successful application, the trader is agreeing to these financial terms.


Acceptance Letter/Contract

In an instance where an application has been accepted, you will be sent an Acceptance Letter/Contract and invoice. Please note that this acceptance is contingent upon receipt of payment in full to Kaleidoscope Festival c/o EP Republic Ltd. 


Traders are expected to adhere to the recycling and waste management policies of the Kaleidoscope Festival.  Full details of this policy will be available from the Trader Manager. 


In 2019 we had an unprecedented level of waste separation from a festival going audience. Our key aim is to maintain and develop this festival wide, putting a particular focus on good practices by food traders. 


A Green Bond system will be in place for Kaleidoscope Festival 2022.  Additional to the pitch fee, a Green Bond or deposit of 33% of the respective pitch fee will be paid by each food trader in advance of the festival. This deposit will be refunded within 14 days after the event to those traders found to be fully compliant with the festivals waste policy.  In order to be compliant traders must: 


  • Separate their waste pre, during and post festival into the waste streams detailed below. Note that bin monitoring personnel will be inspecting bins throughout the duration of the build, show and break. Bin inspectors will inform the festival via the trader manager of any contaminated bins. Any misuse of bins or incorrect waste disposal will result in retention of the Green Bond and may result in traders being asked to cease trading and eviction without compensation. 
  • Have received sign off from the trader manager prior to departure from site, certifying that the area was left clean. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Trader to ensure that no rubbish remains when leaving the site. Your area should be ‘clear of commercial waste’ including all tent pegs, flooring, spillages, water pipes, cables, carpet, rope, paint tins, pallets, etc. Should rubbish be found on the pitch after the Trader has departed the Green Bond will not be refunded. Before departing the site arrange for a site inspection to be carried out via the Trader Manager who will sign off on the cleanliness of your area ensuring the return of the Green Bond deposit.
  • Keep a 10m area in front and behind the pitch tidy and clear of rubbish at all times
      • All concessions using gas will have independent certification from a registered gas specialist. Certificates will be inspected onsite;
      • All Traders and Traders staff using LPG can demonstrate a basic understanding of its safe use, its characteristics and emergency procedures;
      • Storage of LPG at each unit does not exceed that which is required for a 24-hour period or a maximum of 200kg (whichever is the lesser);
      • All LPG is handled and stored in accordance with the current standards and codes of practice (UK Health & Safety Executive Standards for LPG in Mobile Catering Units & UK LPGAS Association Standards (Part 3: Use of LPG in Mobile Catering Vehicles and Part 4: Use of LPG for Catering and Outdoor Functions)); and also certified to IS820.
        • Absolutely no single use plastics should be available to customers or staff at Kaleidoscope Festival. 
        • All food stalls must serve food and hot drinks in compostable paper receptacles – for example, paper plates / bowls, cardboard takeaway boxes and any other containers must be compostable 
        • All cutlery must be wooden/compostable only.
        • No single use PET bottles may be sold onsite. Only aluminum cans of soft drinks may be sold onsite. 
        • Coffee cup lids should be compostable and offered as an optional item where possible.
        • Avoid using single serve sachets for spreads, condiments, sugar, salt, sauces.
        • Do not supply straws, this includes no plastic straws, no biodegradable straws and no compost / paper straws
        • All stalls – please don’t bring plastic bags to site to put sold items in. Encourage customers to use reusable bags by having them available for saleAll supplies of LPG are secure from interference by members of the public;
          Note that it is the responsibility of the trader to advise us if they do not have access to the appropriate bins at any stage throughout the build, show or break. Bin separation will fall into four categories of segregation for you to correctly dispose of your waste. There will be sets of three different bins back of house, and we expect you to flatten cardboard for collection. Please do not block service access to the bins back of house and segregate your waste as follows:

          • Mixed recycling (plastic, glass, metals, paper) into 240L or 1100L recycling bins 
          • Flattened cardboard for collection 
          • Food waste into the food waste bin – completely separated from the rest. 
          • Other waste into General Waste bins (this should be minimal!)

          Current Irish Food Waste regulations require all producers of food to separate food waste from other forms of waste. The Green Bond will not be returned to traders who do not comply. You will be given your own Brown Bin, for which you will be responsible. Food waste MUST be disposed of in the appropriate bins provided. Failure to comply may result in closure of your unit without compensation.


          Traders must submit a list of cutlery and packaging that they plan to use along with a spec for same for the festivals Sustainability Manager to review with the waste management company. 

          Please note the following: 

          Allergy Labelling

          The food information to Consumers Regulations became law on 13 December 2014. It is now a requirement that those selling open or loose food, provide easily visible and clearly legible information to customers if their products contain any of the following allergens:

          Cereals containing Gluten e.g. wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised strains

          Crustaceans e.g. prawns, crab, lobster, crayfish

          Molluscs e.g. clams, mussels, whelks, oysters, squid

          Soybeans & products thereof





          Sulphur dioxide (preservative found in some dried fruits and wine) 




          Peanuts, and other Nuts such as: almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachio, cashew, macadamia, hazelnuts, walnuts, Queensland nuts

          Further information can be obtained from the trader manager.


          At Kaleidoscope Festival we care about how we look and sound because we care about how our customers feel. With this in mind please note the following: 

          • Branded flags, and or, branded scrim is not permitted at the festival.
          • All branding extending beyond the concession unit itself must be pre-approved by festival directors via the trader manager.
          • All public facing elements must be kept neat, tidy and clean for the duration of the festival.
          • Spot checks will take place and the festival reserves the right to remove any unauthorised branding before or during the festival.

          Changes to information supplied in the application

          Any changes must be made in writing or they will not be accepted. Notification of changes must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. Additional costs may be incurred and charged to the Trader in question.  

          Children at Work

          Please be advised that it is not appropriate to bring children to the event site during the construction and dismantling phases.

          Co-operation with management

          Traders are required to co-operate fully with the Site Management, Security, An Garda Síochána, Environmental Health Officers, Fire Officers, Emergency Services, Revenue, Site Safety Officer, etc. 

          Kaleidoscope Festival reserves the right to search vehicles and personnel when entering or leaving the site. Anyone not complying with this will be removed from site. Searches will be conducted by licensed security. 

          Traders are obliged to report any accidents, injuries and or incidences involving staff or general public that occur on or in the vicinity of Trader’s pitch. Reports must be made to concessions office on site or by phone to the Trader Manager immediately.   

          Electrical Installations 

          As a condition of contract between a Trader and the event organisers, electrical power will be supplied and managed by the on-site electrical contractors appointed by the organisers.

          Traders will liaise directly with the power contractor on their respective power requirements. Payment for power will be made directly by the Trader to the power contractor. 

          Please note that personal generators are NOT allowed onsite.  13amp plugs are NOT allowed. Adaptors and plugboards should be avoided as they may not satisfy the Fire Officer who will be inspecting your setup. Traders MUST bring their own cables to connect to the power source. (The socket that you will be provided with will not be any more than 25m from your pitch). 

          List what needs Power Type & Number of Connections
          16 amp SPH 32 amp SPH 32 amp 3PH 64 amp 3PH 125 amp 3PH

          (Add more rows if needed)

          It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment is appropriately tested and safe for use. Each unit MUST to be in possession of an Electrical Safety Certificate for the electrical installation in their unit. Each Trader must supply PAT certificates for ANY electrical equipment over a year old to the Trader Manager in advance of the event. 

          Traders who use tents etc., without a fixed installation must provide proof of successful PAT testing. 

          Each Trader must ensure that: 

          • Beyond the terminal socket provided by the onsite electrical contractor, it is the Traders responsibility that cables and sockets are appropriately rated for their intended use
          • No domestic fittings are allowed
          • Cables do not create a trip hazard

          The outlet provided by the electrical contractor will be protected by a suitable RCD – this will be set appropriately to ensure end sockets are protected by a 30mA/0ms RCD setting. 

          The Trader Manager will provide details for the electrical provider in advance of the event.

          Environmental Health 

          Local Environmental Health regulations apply and must be adhered to. Food units MUST be registered as food outlets with their local authority. A certificate of registration must be provided as part of the online application process and MUST be available for inspection onsite. The Trader Manager will send Trader details to the Environmental Health Officer in advance. The EHO will carry out inspections onsite. 

          Traders must provide their Premises Reference Number as it pertains to this application. 

          Event Info / Specifications 

          Event information such as access routes, access times, trading times, accreditation, vehicle movement rules and curfews, EH inspections, etc, will be provided via email to accepted applicants by the Trader Manager approximately 14 days before the event. 

          Please bear in mind the venue that Kaleidoscope Festival is held on is a historic site and traders are expected to take appropriate care at all times. There will be no access for traders through the carriage gate. 

          Family Meal Deal

          Traders will be required to provide festival attendees with a family meal deal option for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on each of the show days. Details of the “Family Meal Deal” should be provided to the Trader Manager along with menu and price list.

          Firefighting & firefighting equipment 

          Fire is a serious risk at festival events, and you must take all steps to ensure that your equipment is safe to be brought on site. In particular, electrical equipment should be appropriately tested, décor items and fabrics should be flame proofed (surface spread or flame certification to be provided), and you should provide appropriate extinguishers.

          Should you fail to provide adequate fire suppression equipment, the extinguisher supplier may be able provide it at a cost to you, or the fire department may require that you remove your concession from the site.

          It is the Traders responsibility to ensure that no combustible material is allowed to accumulate next to any catering outlets. 

          Appropriate, fully operational, tested and in-date firefighting equipment should be available in each concession unit. The spec of equipment required for a given unit will be identified during the risk assessment of that unit. The equipment must conform to the relevant standard for Ireland. 

          Firefighting equipment can be rented from the onsite firefighting equipment provider. Contact details for this provider, along with a list of costs associated with said rental, will be available from the Trader Manager in advance of the event. All catering units will be inspected onsite to ensure that they have the necessary firefighting equipment available for use. Basic onsite fire safety training will be available for concession staff. 

          Any unit which uses deep fat frying should have a 1 x 6 litre wet chemical (Class F) extinguisher included in its firefighting equipment provision.  In lieu of a Class F extinguisher a dry powder extinguisher may be used.

          The following are some examples of suitable equipment levels: 

          • Non cooking: 1 ´ 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and 1 x 6L Foam extinguisher
          • Cooking: 1 ´ 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and 1 x 6L Foam extinguisher and a 1.2m2 light duty fire blanket

          If using a deep-fat fryer:

          • 1 x 6L Wet Chemical (Code F) and 1 ´ 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and a 1.8m2 heavy-duty fire blanket OR 
          • 1 ´ 2kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher and 1 ´ 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher and a 1.8m2 heavy-duty fire blanket.

          Fire certificates and structural certificates MUST be supplied to the Trader Manager for ALL marquee’s prior to opening. 

          Force Majeure

          Except for the payment of money, neither Kaleidoscope Festival (and associated companies) nor the Traders shall be liable to the other for any loss caused by the failure to observe and perform the terms and Conditions of this Agreement on its part to be observed and performed, including the failure to supply of provide any service or goods where such failure is occasioned by any cause beyond the reasonable control of the party in breach including without limiting the generality of the foregoing war, insurrection, fire, floods, strikes, lockouts, restrictions or prohibitions or any other action by any government or semi-government authorities or embargos established thereby. 

          Health & Safety 

          All Traders MUST undergo a H&S induction before entering into any work onsite.  A high viz jacket must be worn by everyone present on site prior to concert gates opening and again following the event. There will be no exceptions to this. 

          All Kaleidoscope Festival 2022 Traders must comply with Health, Safety & Food Hygiene Legislation. 

          Traders must complete a Health & Safety Checklist and Fire Risk Assessment before you are permitted to start trading. These checklists will be available to you from the Trader Manager approximately two weeks before the event and will be collected onsite prior to opening of the event to the public. 

          All Trader’s staff must be fully trained in emergency and evacuation procedures, fire hazards and the use of fire extinguishers, by a suitably qualified and competent expert. Onsite training sessions will be provided; it is compulsory that all Trader staff attend these training sessions. This must be completed prior to the site opening to the general public and training records must be provided to the Trader Manager to be held onsite. 

          Please ensure that you bring with you a supply of ear plugs and that you build rotas into your planning to ensure that your staff’s exposure is limited to noise sources. Many of the trading locations at the event are within high noise areas. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an adequate supply of appropriate hearing protection for you and your staff.

          Please also ensure that your unit has a suitable first aid kit.

          No animals are allowed onsite – including pets.


          As an essential part of the application process, a copy of your current insurance policy, showing the contact details for your insurance broker and your policy number, must be provided to the Trader Manager. Failure to provide the requested insurance information will automatically render your application null & void. 

          In order to trade at Kaleidoscope Festival 2022 festival, you MUST have the following cover: 

          • Minimum Level of Public Liability Cover of EU6.5 million
          • Minimum Employers Liability Cover of EU12.5 million
          • Appropriate Motor Vehicle insurance’s as required by law

          Your insurance must specify that you are insured to trade outdoors. 


          Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) presents a significant fire and explosion risk. To limit the amount of LPG brought onto site the organisers will give accreditation to an authorised LPG supplier to supply all food Traders, as well as a secure storage area in a non-public area for LPG containers. 

          Each Trader using LPG MUST contact the site gas contractor to ensure that your equipment is up to the correct standards BEFORE ARRIVING ONSITE. Payment for your site certification must also be made directly with the site gas contractor. Contact details are available from the Trader Manager. 

          Due to the fire and explosion risks it is necessary to ensure that:

ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC OR POLYSTYRENE packaging or cutlery to be present onsite. Any brought in with deliveries must be taken away by the trader. Failure to comply with this will result in ceasing of trading.

  • All banks of gas cylinders will be protected by steel cages which will be readily accessible to allow the staff immediately disconnect gas cylinders and move all cylinders to a safe location well away from the units in the event of fire in the unit in question or an adjacent unit

  • By signing these Terms & Conditions you are indicating your understanding of your responsibilities set out above relating to the safe management of LPG at the Kaleidoscope Festival 2022 and are agreeing to comply with the rules as they are advised. It is the responsibility of the Traders to contact the gas supplier to ensure their compliance. Gas certification is a legal requirement for trading in Ireland and is separate from the UK Gas Safety certificate.  All units using gas must send us their certificate with this application. Gas – please detail if you use gas and what for

    Music Systems / Noise

    At Kaleidoscope festival we care about how we sound because we care about how our customers feel. Any Trader who wants to play music at their stall during the event must obtain written permission via the Trader Manager. No unauthorised sound systems will be allowed onsite. Anyone ignoring this will be asked to cease trading and will be evicted without compensation.

    Passes and Accreditation

    Passes will only be issued on site.  All vehicle passes will be for specific vehicles and allow entry through specific gates only. The number of passes issued to each vendor will be agreed with the Trader Manager in advance and cannot be changed within 10 days of the event.  

    Traders must submit a Staff Pass Form. Staff will be required to show ID when collecting accreditation. Further detail will be provided closer to the event. Passes are the responsibility of the Trader; replacement of lost, tampered or stolen wristbands will each incur a cost of €100.00. This cost will be the responsibility of the Trader in question.  Trader Manager reserves the right to issue the staff names to An Garda Siochana if required.  

    All Passes must be worn and clearly visible at all times. 

    Any Trader found abusing the pass system will be expelled from site and will not be permitted entry to any future events by the organisers. There should be no sharing or transferring of accreditation and posting images of accreditation online is strictly forbidden for the duration of the festival.

    Details regarding collection of passes will be communicated by the Trader Manger prior to the event.


    Full payment of the pitch fee is due immediately upon receipt of your invoice. Your pitch will not be confirmed until full payment has been received and the essential documentation provided to us.

    Payments must be by wire transfer only. Please do NOT post cheques.

    Bank account details will be provided by the Trader Manager, along with the invoice, to Traders whose application to trade at the Kaleidoscope Festival 2022 has been accepted. 

    Any Acceptance Letters/Contracts returned to us without the appropriate fee will not be considered. In such an instance the pitch in question will be reallocated to the next appropriate unit on the waiting list. 

    Any bank charges incurred are the responsibility of the trader to pay. 

    A receipt or “proof of transfer” for all transfers must be provided to the Trader Manager (Aoife Qualter) via email. IF THERE IS ANY AMBIGUITY REGARDING PAYMENT TRANSFERS YOU WILL NOT BE SHOWN TO YOUR PITCH UNTIL CONFIRMATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED. 

    The Trader Manager will issue invoices for pitch fees. Please ensure that you reference your transfer with the last four (4) digits of your invoice number and the trading name. This is to allow the payment to be reconciled with the correct Trader. Failure to do so puts the allocation of the pitch at risk as it will be deemed unpaid. 

    The following standard services are provided by the festival:

    1. Fencing between units
    2. Shared water supply points
    3. Wastewater removal. (Please note that it is the Traders responsibility to ensure that all wastewater is placed in the receptacles’ provided).
    4. Shared staff toilets

    The provision of power is not included. Traders will liaise directly with the onsite power contractor in the booking of and paying for their respective power requirements. 

    If you propose to use more than 200L of water during the event, you must contact the Trader Manager in advance to arrange for a private supply. We reserve the right to charge for additional water use. If you require a direct feed, please contact the site-plumbing contractor directly. Contact details are available from the Trader Manager. Traders are only permitted to use water supplied designated for trader use. 

    Wastewater removal is a big operation at huge expense, and it is also hard to gain access to all areas during the public times of the event to empty the tanks. With this in mind could you please only generate what you need to and conserve water where possible. 

    If you would like to book a pump system to take wastewater from your unit to our collection tank please contact the onsite plumbing contractor. Contact details are available from the Trader Manager. 

    If a Trader requires any additional services, they will negotiate a rate with the appropriate services provider directly. Costs incurred in such an instance will be that of the Trader and will not be included in the pitch fee. 

    Products & Prices 

    Only products specified on the Application Form can be sold. Product menu and prices must be approved by the Trader Manager. 

    All Traders must display price lists in a visible location at their stall. Prices will be monitored throughout the event for compliance to the price list provided in the application.

    All Traders must display a sign with their business name and address at their stall.

    Any descriptions of goods made by Traders must be accurate. 

    The event organisers reserve the right to confiscate any goods of a “sexist, racist or offensive nature” or any product that they deem to be unsafe. 


    We do not allow, under any circumstances, the following to be sold by Traders at the Kaleidoscope Festival: 

    • Any illegal substances including, but not limited to, magic mushrooms
    • Any drugs paraphernalia including pipes, bongs, poppers, laughing gas, amyl nitrate products/GBH etc or any “legal” or “herbal highs”/nitrous oxide
    • Alcohol of any description, beer bongs or any other items that encourage irresponsible drinking. 
    • Any cigarettes, tobacco, giant cigarette lighters and/or associated products
    • Any unauthorised records, CDs, video, tape or any other format recordings, as well as and including audio and video recorders
    • T-shirts or sweatshirts of any description.  This includes designer items etc. Any item purporting to be official or unofficial Event merchandise of any description or with regard to any of the artists appearing at the concert or any other artist or event.
    • Tattooing, body piercing or “Black Henna”, magnetic jewellery, and plastic suction jewellery. 
    • Any petrol, gas canisters, barbeques, gazebos, generators, fireworks, explosives, liquid glow items, aerosols over 250ml. 
    • Any item made out of glass, including but not limited to glass bottles, jars and containers
    • Any airhorns, megaphones or vuvuzelas
    • Any item which may reasonably be used as a potential weapon, is distinctively a weapon, and all knives
    • Any unofficial tabards or reflective jackets
    • Any handheld candles, flares, sky lanterns, potted candles, fireworks, smoke canisters, laser pens or portable laser equipment
    • Any tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar and bananas that are not Fairtrade compliant.
    • Non food Traders are not permitted to sell food, snacks, alcoholic drinks or soft drinks of any kind.


    The site security team is responsible for securing the site and not for the security of individual units. The security of your equipment is your responsibility and you should consider how it will be stored and managed on site. Should you wish to obtain security specifically for your unit for any particular time, you may do so by contacting the Trader Manager. Standard rates will apply.

    Siting / positioning of units

    Arrival to site MUST be by prior arrangement. Date and time for arrival will be advised with the event info, which will be provided by the Trader Manager approximately two weeks before the event. 

    All Traders MUST check in with a Trader Manager representative upon arrival to site. 

    A specific time and date will be provided to each Trader for siting of their unit. These dates and times must be adhered to. Any Trader who does not arrive at the specified time may not be granted entry. In such a circumstance no refund will be provided. 

    Siting may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather, etc. 

    Site positions agreed by the Trader Manager may change due to site changes. Should this happen the Trader Manager will try to accommodate each Trader accordingly. Please note the decision of the Trader Manager is final re unit positioning as outlined in this document and your arrival to site document.

    Sponsors & Exclusivity Rights

    The Trader Manager will confirm prior to the event if exclusivity rights have been agreed with any sponsors of the festival. In the case that such exclusivity rights are agreed with sponsors, no competitor branding can be on any of the units and no competitor products can be stocked or sold.

    This may include; soft drinks, energy drinks, water, crisps, confectionary, amongst other items.


    A full list of agreements, as they relate to sale of products at Kaleidoscope Festival 2022, will be available approximately two weeks in advance of the event from the Trader Manager.


    No Traders are allowed to sub-contract any pitches to third parties or other contractors. Access will be given to the accepted Trader for whom the application was made only. 

    Surplus Food

    Please plan ahead to make sure there is minimal surplus food, take away all perishable items and whatever is non-perishable please make connections with local food banks.

    Sustainably sourced goods

    Where possible foods, especially meats and fish, should be from certified sustainable farms, locally sourced and seasonal.  Eggs should be free range.


    Tobacco Control 

    Smoking including electronic cigarettes is not permitted within any enclosed public or working spaces, including inside trading vehicles. Traders are required to display no smoking signage in all enclosed public or non-public working areas.  

    Trader Terms

    No company or person will be allowed to trade on the site without prior arrangement with Kaleidoscope Festival.

    No refunds will be given to Traders in the event of adverse weather conditions, changes in performance programs or re-siting of acts to different stages within the event. 

    The Trader Manager and Kaleidoscope Festival cannot be held responsible for the level of trading during the festival. 

    Any damage caused by Traders to any area of the site or equipment, the Trader will cover all costs associated with rectifying the damage. 

    Kaleidoscope Festival may terminate this agreement immediately by giving notice to the Trader on the occurrence of any one or more of the following:

    1. The Trader fails to commence operation.
    2. The Trader sells or offers for sale any unauthorised products.
    3. The Trader is in breach of the waste management policy of the festival
    4. There is a failure or refusal by the Trader to submit any documentation required as per this agreement.
    5. There is a failure or refusal to pay any amount owed by the Trader.
    6. The Trader’s business is operated in a manner that represents a health or safety hazard to its customers, employees or the public and the concessionaire fails to take reasonable steps to correct such manner of operation after notice from the Trader Manager or Site Management personnel. 

    The organisers reserve the right to alter the Terms & Conditions. Any alteration to the Terms & Conditions above will be notified in writing by the Trader Manager. 

    Trader Camping


    There will be a designated staff campsite onsite for you and your staff to use. Camping in the public campsites is not permitted. Tents erected in the campsite prior to opening on the Friday and after the campsites close at 1pm on the Monday will be removed and disposed of accordingly.  

    Vehicle movements/curfews

    Motorcycles and quad bikes are NOT allowed onsite.

    Private hire of golf buggies is not permitted without written permission from the Trader Manager. Any person onsite operating a golf buggy must hold a full driver’s license, and a copy of this license must be submitted to the production office.

    No petrol vehicles are allowed onsite. 

    The speed limit for vehicles moving around the site is 8KM/H at all times. All traders must adhere to this at all times – pre, during and post event. 

    Driving on the grass is strictly prohibited unless with the express permission of the Trader Manager or associated crew. 

    All permanent and temporary roadways shall be kept clear at all times for emergency service vehicles. Along the emergency routes and access routes hard-standing lay-bys have been provided for site service vehicles adjacent to toilet blocks and any other areas where site service vehicles may need to stop. Trader vehicles are not permitted to park on or block these roadways and laybys. Vehicles found in these locations will be towed at the trader’s expense and evicted from site. 

    Vehicles brought onsite are at owner’s risk and must be suitably insured.

    Strict vehicle curfews will be in place onsite. The curfew times will be advised by the Trader Manager, along with other event information, approximately two weeks pre-event. 

    If a Trader requires a stock/supply vehicle to be positioned behind a unit, this must be requested with the Trader Manager and written approval from the Trader Manager is required.  All onsite vehicles must have the relevant pass completed and displayed on the windscreen. Any vehicle without the relevant pass or left in an inappropriate area will be towed at the Traders expense. 

    There is no vehicle movement inside the arena whilst the public are onsite. All other vehicle movement outside the arena is extremely limited and is by permission from the Event Controller/Deputy via the Trader Manager. 

    Failure to adhere to the site regulations on driving will result in eviction from site without compensation or refund. 

    Waste Oil

    Waste oil and oil drums, and removal of waste oil and oil drums, is the responsibility of the Traders. Under no circumstance should waste oil be poured onto the ground. 

    Water Supply Points 

    Please ensure that taps are not left running, and that they remain on their standpipes at all times. Any traders found removing taps from their standpipes or using the water supply in a way that could lead to contamination will be fined and may be evicted from site. Please use the designated trader water points to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

    Wastewater Disposal

    Wastewater tanks will be provided behind the concession units for the safe disposal and collection of wastewater. It is the responsibility of the Trader to dispose of wastewater in an appropriate manner. The disposal of wastewater by pouring it directly onto the ground is inappropriate and not permitted.  

    We expect all traders to do their upmost to conserve water. Wastewater removal is a big operation at huge expense, and it is also hard to gain access to all areas during the public times of the event to empty the tanks. 


    I have read all of the above Kaleidoscope Festival (C/o Event Fuel) Terms and Conditions for 2022 and fully understand and fully agree to abide by the trading terms of Kaleidoscope Festival. I also understand that there will be further terms and conditions attached to the Contract. 

    Company:  _________________________ Date:

    Signed:       _________________________

    PRINTED:   _________________________

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